Forever consulting, sourcing, and designing spaces for friends and family... Sara finally decided to turn her hobby into a business.


I always aim to create real homes, that are livable, reflective of the lifestyles and tastes of the individuals that inhabit them. Nothing stuffy or too "done" - these rooms should be enjoyed!


Sara Youmans


"I have the simplest of tastes; I am always satisfied by the best."   - Oscar Wilde

I find that many people are intimated by the process and time commitment necessary to design a unique space. I enjoy doing the leg work and taking the burden off of my clients. Nothing is worse than walking in to a lovely home only to see an entire room purchased directly off the sales floor of a generic furniture store. No personality or individuality comes through. A well designed room doesn't have to cost a fortune - it's about the thought and sentiment that goes in to the selection of each piece to curate a home.